Hamoul wilds Post Office

    Hamoul wilds Post Office

    The Kafr El Sheikh governorate contains more than 129 post offices, including Hamoul wilds Post Office located at Abu Bakr u / Hamoul Center wilds. The Egyptian Post Authority facilitates access to Hamoul wilds Post Office by defining it with the postal code number 33729.

    The Postal Number is: 33729

    Postal Code 33729
    post office Hamoul wilds
    Address Abu Bakr u / Hamoul Center wilds
    Province Kafr El Sheikh
    Sector North Delta
    Financial Number 9004
    Hotline 16789
    Telephone 047-3800385

    Hamoul wilds Post Office Timetable

    Hamoul wilds Post Office operates on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday days per week with full-time working hours starting from 8 am to 3 pm, in order to facilitate all services provided by Hamoul wilds Post Office to citizens.

    Work Days Work Hours
    Saturday - Wednesday 8 a.m - 3 p.m

    Hamoul wilds Post Office Services

    The Egyptian Post Authority offers numerous services and is actively working on digitizing many of them. It is highly dedicated to providing all its services efficiently across all its branches. Within the branches of the Egyptian Post Authority, Hamoul wilds Post Office is specified to provide all its services, indicating whether it includes an ATM or not.

    Service Status
    ATM Available
    Point of Sale (POS) Available
    Incoming Foreign Transfer (IFS) Available
    Incoming Internal Transfer Available
    Comprehensive window services Available
    Speed Mail Services Available